Wrapunzel Signature Scarf Tutorial!!

Rockin' the Signature!!  LOVE this scarf!!

Rockin’ the Signature!! LOVE this scarf!!

Here’s how to tie the incredible Wrapunzel Signature Scarf!!

Tutorial: Olive Grove aka Layered Waterfall Twist!

As requested by many of you, but specifically for one special woman – you know who you are!

This is such a versatile tie using the “Waterfall Twist” technique!  Make sure you are comfortable with the original technique before trying this one!  Keep in mind as well that depending on how you tie the knot, you will either end up with the fringe father forward or farther back.  Both work!  Check out the photos to see the different ways this technique can work out – it can go super fancy!   For the original look, you will need a shimmery and 2 in 1 in the same colours.  Also experiment with where you tie the knot – it changes the whole look!  Higher up on the crown of your head give a more “crown-like” look  (ie the navy in the tutorial).

Here is the tutorial!

D.B. Detailed Tutorial!!

I’m in Jerusalem!  And of course the first tutorial I make in the beautiful neighbourhood of Nachlaot is… a detailed version of the same video I made the last time we were staying in Nachlaot two years ago!  Here is how to do the Double Braid (the DB!) with 2 in 1s, with the ends tucked in!

Headaches B’gone! No more pulling, pinching, weighing down!

Craziest Tichel I’ve Ever Attempted!

And you get to watch it happen!!!  It turned out epic!!

Wanna try it yourself?  You can get these exact scarves here!

New Tutorial! Waterfall Twist 2.0

Here is how to do an amped up version of the Waterfall Twist!  This is one of my favourite wraps and the option of doing the “twist” part with two colours opens up a whole new world of possibilities!  Enjoy!