New Tutorial! Waterfall Twist 2.0

Here is how to do an amped up version of the Waterfall Twist!  This is one of my favourite wraps and the option of doing the “twist” part with two colours opens up a whole new world of possibilities!  Enjoy!

Lotsa Tutorials!!

Hey Everyone!  This is an exciting new thing for me… Rivka Malka and I made some tutorials TOGETHER!!!!  It was so much fun to do – very different from anything I’ve done before!!  Here they are!  Let me know what you think!

“The Naomi Knot” Tutorial

Wowwwww what a response to the last post!  You all really wanted a tutorial, and I wanted to figure out new ways of doing this awesome Naomi Wrap… so here you go!

Sooooo what should we call it??  I have already thought of “The Naomi” but that probably won’t work because I have a feeling we will have many more wraps on here inspired by her!  Something with the word “Knots”?  But nothing “knotty” please :p

Gorgeous New Scarf Trick!

My sis-in-law Naomi (remember her as a Lady Wrap Star?) posted this super cool wrapping style she created yesterday, and I just HAD to try it!  I wanted an simple around-the-house-doing-work style for today, and this one is as easy as she makes it sound… and guess what – I’m not wearing a shaper/volumizer!  Just a scrunchy!

Here are her instructions on how to do it!
Take one long, lightweight rectangle. Tie at the nape of the neck (ends hanging at equal length. Tie a series of 4 single loose knots with the ends. Wrap up and over the bun. Takes two minutes, looks so complicated!!
Just make sure you use a really long scarf so that even after the knots you still have long enough ends to go all the way over the bun and tuck in.  For a shorter scarf maybe 3 knots would be better :)

Thanks Naomi for the inspiration!!  Here is a shot of her wearing it (with a longer scarf so therefore tighter knots and a shaper/volumizer underneath.)  See how tiny little “details” change the whole look?  Imagine with a sparkly scarf – it could even be formal wear!

Classic Layered Ponytail Tutorial!

Can anyone come up with a better name for this wrap??  I’m not a fan of the one I came up with above…

Here is the tutorial that you have all been waiting for!  This particular wrap is a match makers dream!  I know it’s sometimes hard to match tichels… but keep trying and don’t be afraid to incorporate something new into your wrap!

Zig-Zag Criss-Cross Tutorial!

IMG_4812Photo on 2013-10-21 at 17.17 #2
Wow!  Thanks for your lovely encouragement and how-to requests from my last post!  Without further ado, here is your tutorial on how to do this stunning wrap!

Spiral Rose Tutorial!

A word to the wise: if you have just stumbled upon Wrapunzel and/or you are hair wrapping beginner, best you not start with this tutorial!  However, you should definitely watch it to see the wraps that are possible!  This is the most technique intensive tie that I have done, and as you can see in the video, I still haven’t perfected the mechanics of it!  However, so many of you asked, so here is the tutorial!

Princess Wrap Tutorial


Here is how to do the much-coveted princess wrap!  As you can see by watching the video, this wrap is very easy to do, provided that you have a large enough scarf to begin with (really, my “scarf” is just a piece of cloth).  Instead of the lace, you can just use any other long scarf, but the lace makes it look much more royal.  Enjoy!

Infinity Scarf Tutorial!

Yes, you read that correctly!  I finally got myself unpacked and organized enough to make videos.  TIme to start sending in your requests!   Here is how to wrap an infinity scarf:

Waterfall Twist Tutorial


I know, I know… I said I would post this one a month ago!  Better late than never, right?  I hope you enjoy learning how to tie this beautiful wrap :)

Cool Summer Flower Tutorial!

I am loving this new wrap and I hope you will too!  Here is the tutorial for an easy summer tie that makes it look like you have a matching flower pinned to the side of your head.  And all you need is one square scarf!  (Cotton and silky materials both work well.)  Enjoy!

Fancy Tie Tutorial!

Hello Everyone!  Here is the tutorial showing how to do the new fancy tie that I just featured!

… and you can look forward to two more videos tutorials of requested ties that I made today!  They will be posted this week!

Very Very Layered Tutorial

Here is the tutorial on how to do a wrap with lots of layers and only two scarves!  If I can make an instructional video in under five minutes, then you too can master this tie with a little practice!