My new DROOOOOL tichel!

Oh wow!  Has it ever happened to you that you get a scarf and you just know that it will NEVER be folded up and put away nicely because it will become your new “most-worn”?  Well, something magical happened when I found this scarf, and I just knew!  It’s so soft and glorious!  These end of the day photos simply don’t do it justice, but I tried!  The teal and orange… yum!  I think it’s my new favourite colour combination!
wrapunzel andrea grinberg
(Worn with a dark teal shirt, neutral sweater, and patterned turquoise/green skirt.)
wrapunzel andrea grinberg

(And yes – I have a feeling you’re gonna love it as much as I do so we’re working on getting it for the store!)

What colour combinations are you loving lately???

Lady Wrap Star: Introducing Heather!!

The first moment I saw Heather’s glowing face when she posted a photo on the Wrapunzel Store facebook page, I was bowled over!  Her smile!  The infectious love for hair covering!  Wow!  Who is this woman?  A few photos later and it was more than clear that she had to be a Lady Wrap Star on this blog!  I was also very curious to hear her story and get to know the woman behind the smile!  Well, thankfully she was happy to share with us!  Let’s hear it for Heather!

I wasn’t raised frum.  I was barely raised with any real Judaism at all.  My idea of Orthodoxy was full of misconceptions and stereotypes galore.  In my own naiveté, the idea of hair covering brought up images of women shaving off their glorious locks, only to deprive them and their husbands, and made me cringe.  When my mother, a”h, learned I was becoming frum, she initially cried thinking that I would also do this.  I assured her that this wasn’t the case.

When I got engaged, I struggled with the idea of covering my hair.  My hair was my most prized physical possession. It was long and red, and k”h, pretty amazing.  So what changed my mind?

I was teaching at NYU at the time and living on the Upper West Side.  While I was waiting on the subway platform, someone came up behind me, and raked his fingers through my hair, from the nape of my neck to the ends and then just walked away.  I never saw his face.  Of all the parts of me to be groped on the subway (and as New York women know, unfortunately that happens) he chose my hair.  I immediately called my husband (then fiancé) and told him what happened, and we both decided that Hashem had just sent us a message.

That doesn’t mean that it was easy for me.  I started with berets (it was the 90s, and that was the cool thing) and moved on to hats of all sorts.  When I started teaching at the Yeshiva of North Jersey, I chose a sheitl because that seemed to be the thing to do.  My main problem was that I would have to cut my hair to fit under the wig, and every time I did it made me sad.  Wrapping allows me to keep my hair as long as I (and my husband) likes.

One of the reasons that I became frum was that I craved a connection to the past.  I tried to connect to the generations before me, all of whom lived a life of Torah and mitzvot.  When I came across the Wrapunzel website, the first thought was that the Imhaot did not wear hats and they certainly did not wear sheitls; they wrapped their long beautiful hair.  I could imagine them wrapping, and showing nothing but their beautiful shining faces, and I wanted to emulate that.  

Truth be told, my husband was not initially a big fan, as he loves my hair, and for him, a sheitl is as close as you can get in public.  But what I told him was this: The hair is for us, but the cover is mine.  He couldn’t argue with that.

I spent (spend) many hours watching Andrea’s and Rivkah Malka’s tutorial videos, and they are beautiful.  They are always smiling and glowing, and there is no way that radiance shows with the distraction of a sheitl.  To each their own of course, and there are some beautiful sheitls out there, but there is nothing like a wrap to show the true beauty of an Aishes Chayil.

Heather Okoskin Benjamin


I figured it out!!!!!!!

Those of you that have been following my sari scarf saga (which started before this blog and even were even in existence) will understand how OVER THE MOON I am about this sari scarf discovery!  Last Shabbat, my hands did something miraculous when tying my sari scarf – they figured out how to cover my entire head with the sari scarf (it’s normally not wide enough to do this!)  And then I did it again and again!  Look!andrea grinberg wrapunzel sari scarf

I know!  Can you believe it’s actually possible?  I almost couldn’t believe my eyes and am SO happy!!  Anyway, after doing this the first time, I proceeded to wrap this style on every woman I encountered thereafter who was interested in wearing a sari scarf!  (There were many workshops last weekend – check out the Wrapunzel store page for pics!)  So now I have to ask; WHO WANTS A TUTORIAL?
andrea grinberg wrapunzel sari scarf

Hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful (and brisk where I live) evening!  Love love love!!!

First Try with Pearls!

This wrap inspired by a dear friend (you know who you are!) who has been wrapping for only a few short months and has quickly become a wrapping superstar!  (I’d love to feature her as a Lady Wrap Star!  Soon, hopefully!)  Her signature look is adding beautiful pearls to an already gorgeous wrap, and I’ve been searching for a nice pearl headband to try it with!  Finally found one!Gold green pearls wrapunzel andrea grinberg

I started off with a green pashmina, then added my favourite gold shimmery scarf (will I ever get tired of this tichel? I hope not!) – then topped it off with the beautiful pearls and green pin.  What do you think?

Sending love to you all!!


Embracing Black (but not too much!)

I used to wear a lot of black (goth teenage stage)… then I stopped (hippy university stage)… then I wore almost all black and dark colours (embracing the norm of my Israeli neighbourhood which wasn’t really healthy)… then all bright colours (made aliyah)… and so the cycle continues.  My relationship with black has always been conflicted; it is the dress code of concerts in the music world, and I always wasn’t a fan of that – though it DOES work in terms of looking sophisticated and not distracting from the music.  I actually do find that it can look beautiful on me, as long as it’s not a norm, because it doesn’t always work well with my skin – I do find it very easy to slip into wearing it too much for my personality and features.  Sometimes when I wear it now, I almost feel rebellious.  ANYWAY – here is the tichel I wore!  I was going for sophisticated and simple:

And then I decided to experiment and add some more pins!  Not sure if I’m convinced by this idea… but I’m gonna work on tweaking it!  I was trying to go for a flower bouquet look… maybe it will work with differing styles of pins?  Let me know what you think!
black tichel wrapunzel andrea grinberg

You’ve seen this scarf before… but I’m obsessed!!

Hi ladies!!  Check out this new way to wrap your sari scarf!  It’s a normal tie, just with the lines on an angle… and then the pin is placed at the top of the head instead of the side like I’m used to!  Yay happy experiments!  What do you think?

And do y’all think it’s about time I got myself another sari scarf?  :P

Hope you’re all having a beautiful day!
Love, Andrea