Wrapunzel Ladies do the “Zig-Zag Criss-Cross”!

Wow!  Hello stunning colour combinations!  Check out all the different looks you can get from this wrap – all created by the ladies of Wrapunzel!  Great technique, girls!!  (Click on the photos to see them up close!)

(Yep, I stuck myself in there as well because I wanted to join the party!)
I have to mention that over Shabbat I met a woman for the first time lo and behold she was rocking the zig-zag criss-cross!  What a treat and a bit of a surreal too!  I am so proud of you all!  Thank you everyone for your submissions and keep up the awesome work!  (And yes, you can still send in photos and I will add them to this post.)  Yay wrapping sisterhood solidarity!

Goin’ Colour Crazy!

I have been experimenting lately with combining many textures and colours with lots of layers and twists.  It’s the kind of fun that I highly recommend trying out!

Here it is in magenta, navy and tan:andrea grinberg wrapunzel

And in candy colours and stripes:
andrea grinberg wrapunzel

And in pastel salmon, blue and white!
andrea grinberg wrapunzel

I am loving this look, and find that it really stays put all day (of course, you have to be wearing the proper equipment underneath).  What do you think of it?

Zig-Zag Criss-Cross Tutorial!

IMG_4812Photo on 2013-10-21 at 17.17 #2
Wow!  Thanks for your lovely encouragement and how-to requests from my last post!  Without further ado, here is your tutorial on how to do this stunning wrap!

Do the Criss-cross!

I often get asked, “Do you ever get bored?  Do you ever run out of new ways to tie your scarves?”  The answer is, gratefully, “nope!”  Even if I  owned 10 scarves (believe me, I have quite a few more than that!), there would still be an infinite amount of tying options.

So here is a new style that I came up with yesterday!  It is surprisingly easy.  Who wants a tutorial?

IMG_4812 IMG_4814

And here is another variation on the criss-cross that I have tried, with only one scarf:

Blue Sky, Blue Tichel!

It’s a beautiful day outside, so I asked my husband to snap some outdoor shots of my tichel!  Not bad for his first time with my super fancy camera, eh?

andrea grinberg wrapunzel

andrea grinberg wrapunzel

andrea grinberg wrapunzel

andrea grinberg wrapunzel

A Sparkly Thank You!

A very generous reader all the way across the ocean thought of me while shopping, and sent me this stunning beaded band in the mail!  It’s such a perfect hair wrapping accessory; I decided to wear it for the holiday of Sukkot paired with a green, flowered scarf.  Thank you!!!

(Yep, these photos were snapped pre makeup and earring almost falling out – there was so much cooking and running around to do before the beginning of the holiday!)

The dress I wore was a gift from my husband!  It is one of those “covers all” dresses that I don’t need to wear anything else over in order to be comfortably modest.  It’s from the vintage section of etsy (very affordable!) and is perfect for the nippy weather!