The Double Braid with a little EXTRA! :)

I’m loving wearing the double braid lately with a little extra addition… a sash, a patterned headband.  Just adds an extra something to an already gorgeous wrap!

Here I am on the subway a month ago (in NYC… wow do I ever miss a good transit system here in Baltimore!) pairing it with a golden tan lace sash:

And here I am rocking it with a Damask Headband… these three colors were just laying on my bed together and I was like, “Wow!  Gotta try this!”  I would have never put these three colors together on my own, so am somewhat grateful for being a little disorganized lately!

Gorgeous Colors!  Woohoo!!

Gorgeous Colors! Woohoo!!

All the scarves I’m wearing are 2 in 1s… they are, as always, just so perfect for styles like this – especially in the summer!

Enjoy and happy wrapping!
Love, Andrea xo

Single Braid Tutorial (2.0)

Shabbat Kodesh Wrap Wrapunzel Andrea Grinberg

The Classic Single Braid

This tutorial is a bit bittersweet… it’s the same technique that I did wayyyyy back before Wrapunzel even existed (yup, I was making tichel videos on, then created Wrapuzel the blog… and only after that did a store emerge – time flies when you’re having fun!)  Anyway, back then I didn’t have a velvet headband or shaper, and was too shy to talk to the camera so I just had gorgeous classical music playing – check it out!  Awwww nostalgia <3

So here is the newer version of this old classic – how to do a gorgeous single braid!

Fun with Sashes Tutorial!! Great Inspiration from Naomi Rose, Gwen, and Heather!

Wrapunzel Fun With Sashes Tutorial!

On the Wrapunzel Fangroup, we’re grateful to see so many women rocking various tichel styles.  There have been some great ideas about what to do with sashes on there, so here is a video of my playing around with these ideas from Gwen, Naomi Rose, and Heather!  Enjoy!

Shabbat Kodesh

I rarely wear pastels… but Shabbat always inspires me to wear light colors to help get in touch with my elevated self.  I truly felt like a queen in this ensemble.  We had an super special group of people at our table on Friday night… who weren’t afraid to be intense and deep – very inspirational!

I’m wearing a sky blue 2 in 1, and a white shiny-licious, with a vintage beauty headband :)

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!  This is the hardest week on the Jewish calendar, but it holds the potential for a type of connection that we cannot experience during the rest of the year.  May we all use this difficult time to grow closer to our creator and ourselves.

Love, Andrea

Doubly Wrapped <3

My husband took this photo of me with Shalomy yesterday and I thought it would make you smile!  It’s a bit blurry, but definitely a keeper!  PS – I’m finding baby wrapping much more difficult than hair wrapping… still getting the hang of it!


Easy Breezy Lace Tutorial!

Wow – thanks for all the requests ladies!  I hope you enjoy this one!  It’s so simple and can be done with any long scarf with a lace triangle… and doesn’t require a shaper!  Woohoo!

In this tutorial, I’m using a white lovely lace and a turquoise 2 in 1 :)