Hi!  My name is Andrea Grinberg and I am the administrator and creator of Wrapunzel.  Welcome!

Here is how this site came to be and what we’re all about:

Andrea Grinberg WrapunzelOriginally, on my other website  andreagrinberg.com, there was a “hair wrapping how-to” section.  This section was started because some (very persistent!) friends were encouraging me to share how I wrap my scarves.  Within a year, it became much too large to remain a section on another site, and the need to create a blog devoted to *just* hair wrapping became a reality.  Here it is!

On the “home” page, you will mostly find daily posts showing what I’m wearing on my head.  If you want to find tutorials etc., take a look through the top bar.  There are also weekly “Lady Wrap Star” posts in which a members of this site showcase their beautiful hair wrapping ideas, and these are also available on the top bar.  Looking for something but can’t find it?  Ask!  We will either help you find what you’re looking for or create it if it’s not already here.

The name “Wrapunzel” was the final result of a night spent brainstorming with my family around the fireplace in winter 2012.  It was the first time in a long time that all of us were together in the same place, and when I shared my idea of creating a site devoted to a community of women who all cover their hair, they were eager to help find the perfect name.

The site administrative duties are up to me, but really, the community that thrives in this little pocket of the internet is only here because of you.  Here, there are women that cover their hair for many reasons – different religions, health, personal modesty, and creative fashion are only some of the ways that women have started wrapping and found this site.  If you are new, we would love to meet you!  It brings me so much joy to see new relationships being formed on here!

To the women that have shared their stories and inspired us to try new ways of covering – you rock!  And if you are interested in showing some of your wraps or sharing a bit about yourself (or both), let me know!

andrea grinberg cello herzog

Who am I?  I am incredibly blessed to be married to my soulmate and best friend.  None of this would have been possible without my husband’s cheering me on and endless support.  The reason why I cover my hair is because I am Jewish, and in Judaism, married women cover their hair.  I play the cello professionally, and do a lot of performing as well as teaching.  I enjoy adventurous cooking and feeding others, bicycling, philosophy, and curling up along with good book and our kitty.  I am Canadian and recently also became Israeli, but we currently live in the US.  I love meeting new people, hearing other’s stories, making connections and building bridges; It is mind-boggling how much covering my hair has helped me do this!

That’s enough about me… let’s hear about you!


38 thoughts on “About

  1. I found this blog via Pinterest, as I’m always looking for something new to do with my hair, as long as it doesn’t involve it touching my face (drives me nuts!). I find the scarves and wraps so beautiful, and am working up the courage to wear them out of the house (odd, I know, especially since I’m not a timid person in general). Thanks for posting all of these!

  2. I’m so thankful that I stumbled on this site. My name is Annasarah and last year I started to cover my hair. I felt the strong need to cover my hair by wearing hats,but didn’t fully cover my hair until I was married. My husband was fine with me covering my hair when I asked him, and he said he was, so after then is when I started covering full time. I actually received a lot of negative comments and people started asking if I was muslim( I’m actually UPC). I didn’t realize so many people cover and I’m glad to know I’m not alone. I have come to appreciate other ladies who cover and any negative thoughts that I may have had before are all gone. Covering the hair is another way of modesty and is a great source of empowerment . It’s so nice to see the other comments, and the great wrap styles, I’m so very excited and can’t wait until I get my new scarves that I ordered of your website. Thanks again for letting us all know that we are not alone. Oh and a side note for those who want to start wrapping but whom are afraid…. Go for it. At first I was scared, and in my setting there are not many that agree with my stance, but I did it anyway and I’m glad i did. God bless my beautiful WRAPUNZEL friends.

  3. Hi there! I really like your how-to’s. I’m german and live in egypt. I wrap my hair when I go out, but after almost 8 years it’s kind of frustrating, to know only like 2 ways. So your videos are a really good help. I wrap my hair like a bun (cause its about 90cm long), but with the hair inside the scarf and then everything together gets twistet up to a bun and due to the curling it stays where it should be on the back of your head.
    Could you post more photos to each video. Not everybody has a fast internet connection able to watch videos. With some extra photos, you can get a first look if you like this style and want to watch the whole video. The best about your videos is das you do not need any clips, pin, needles etc. to hold everything in place.

    Could you do a video where you show how to make flowers out of scarfes??
    in egypt the hairdresser makes bridal/party wrappings that look like a real flower. They take like a not seen underscarf in beige or so to simply cover the hair, in the middle they put a long colored scarf matching the dress (kike in your videos with a knot in the neck or folding it around your head and secure it with pins), on top a very small colormatching square tulle scarf with lots of glitter in it (almost like fairy dust :) ) and THEN the magic happens, they twist it with some pins and then you have flowers in your scarf. but they keep it as a real secret.

    So THIS would be awesome if you can unlock this secret :)

    oh and these awesome monster buns of these saudi-arab women with like a second head hidden in the scarf :D

  4. Shalom! My name is Damaris, l was born in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. At age of 13 my family moved to the states and we lived there til 2011 when my husband and I (with the help of our havenly father the Almighty) moved back to Puerto Rico with our children. I was brought up as a christian and as an adult I discovered my jewish sephardic roots and became a mesianic jew. I started covering my hair only in service days and on Shabbath, but eventually, during my spiritual growth, I took the decision and began covering my hair in full around 6 months ago and it has been the most incredible experience!!! When I began learning of hair covering, at first it shook me, but in that learnig experience, I prayed and told G-d, that if I was going to cover my hair in full I wanted to look beautiful. Not only because I have a husband that was used to a wife that always liked to take care of her hair, but also for my chlidren. I wanted them to look at me, and feel that I did not become religious but a true servant of the most high. After that prayer, I went on the internet and found you on youtube. To me it was an amazing discovery!! Instantly, I fell in love with your style!! Your videos and ideas has helped me find my inner beauty and the true queen that I am. I have found my own style and I have a wide collection of scarf, that my daughter and I share. My husband loves my hair wrapping, and my children as well. I recive a lot of compliments, but also wierd looks!! That doesn’t surprise me at all! Wrapunzel and I have helped the sisters of my congregation to feel and love hair wrapping. We want to obey and do mitzvah, but also feel beautiful and find the true queens that we are and thanks to you, we all have found it!!! Thank you again, for your effort and to be the vessel that G-d has used to get to us!!!! Many bleesing!!

    • This may sound crazy, Damaris,but I’ve been looking for my dear friend from High School with your name, also born in Puerto Rico, that I lost touch with over 20 years ago. Did you live in Duluth, MN while you were in the States? Please, please contact me if you did! I have thought of my friend often, and wondered how and where she is….

  5. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! I love your site. It has shown me so much. I had so many scarves and wanted to wrap my hair but never knew how to. Thanks to you I’m getting compliments from so many people. I even have women at my job ask me about my wrappings and want to learn themselves. Andrea, I so appreciate what you do. Keep up the good work. You will be hearing more from me :)

  6. I love this site, I love how it has brought many women from different religions and cultures together in a type of sisterhood. I was raised as a Christian and over the past 2 years I have been worshiping and identify as a Messianic Jew. I never felt so close to G-d or had a stronger relationship with him. At first I started just covering my long hair just in worship at the synagogue. Now I cover my hair more days of the week than not. The only reason I do not cover everyday is I still get head aches from time to time.
    I watch a video done by Andrea talking about how pretty she felt covering her hair and I would have never thought I would have felt that way but I do. I feel that covering my hair is in a way brought me closer to G-d.

    Thank you Andrea for all you do.

  7. I am so happy to find your
    web site with all the videos in one place, as I have been hopping around You Tube trying to see as many as possible (yours and others) I have only recently started covering for Church and needed something better than a bandana and your techniques are lovely. It is fun to shop the thrift shops to find a treasure of scarfs in colors I love, but the mixing idea makes it even prettier. That is a big plus since I am older with grey hair and glasses and long grey hair is not appreciated as being pretty. Thank you for helping me learn how to wrap, and especially for the “tips” which covered all my difficulties. Look forward to “following” your generous sharing of ideas. Beverly Peacock

  8. Well, I am delighted to find this site, and I’ve already sent a link to my daughter. I’ve been covering my hair for at least 20 years but have never found a style that I liked and that looks good (I have found one that stays put, however). The name of your site is delightful and clever and I look forward to learning more from all your information. Thank you for taking the time to make this resource available! I am curious about where to find tichels, how big they should be, and how one keeps them on. I imagine several of my questions will be answered as I beagle about.

  9. Hi Andrea, I have recently started covering my hair part time but I do bot have volunteer yet. Do you think you could feature some styles that look nice without volumizer?
    Thank you!!!
    Keep being awesome,

  10. Hi Kirsten
    Tried doing that, but no luck in my high traffic, tiny hall way, the scarf keeps getting lost under a mountain of stuff, plus its eaiser at times jus to keep it on.
    Thanks of the tip, thinking of keeping one with my apron in the kitchen(which is near the main door :)

  11. Hi Andrea,
    I just came across your lovely colourful site.
    Thought you might be interested in having a look at one of my Polyvore collections (or Polyvore in general). There are lots of groups devoted to scarf wearing and the whole outfit.
    I am Muslim btw & have been covering for 13 years.
    Tip for Nazmin (comments above, not sure how to tag her), I keep a little throw over scarf on a hook by the front door ;)
    Your scarves look lovely; you obviously have a keen eye for style!

  12. All of your hair coverings are so beautiful!!! They are so beautiful that I want to try some out on myself, but I’m not sure that I should because I don’t have any religious reasons to cover my hair. Would it be disrespectful/weird to occasionally cover my hair like you ladies if it was only for the beauty of the scarves/ wrapping designs and nothing else? I apologize if this is an offensive question!

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  14. Hello Andrea,

    Like many women here, I am not Jewish, but cover for both spiritual and medical reasons.

    I so appreciate you creating a community for those of us that cover our head/hair. So many times I’ve been called out for covering, but have no other avenue with which to protect myself when out in the wider world.

    Your writing style is beautifully vivid, and I get a very clear sense of the kind and thoughtful person you are. Your videos are also so very helpful to me when I have the bravery to try something new.

    Know that I send you love and peace,


  15. Hello, Andrea,
    just wanted to say how much I love your blog and appreciate the work and thoughtfulness you put in it. I don’t personally cover my hair, as I live in a very closed community where it is just “not done”. However, I’ve always loved it and felt pulled to covering my hair ever since I can remember… not from any religious, fashionable, health, or beauty reasons. I simply feel good that way, and am sorry I don’t have a more understanding surroundings.

  16. Hi, I’m Amy and I’m a Pagan with Catholic influences. I have found that covering gives me a certain calmness and centeredness, as well as reminding me of the Divine. It’s also fun, and I’ve met some great ladies online because I cover. :-)

  17. Hi Andrea
    Just to say your blog and YouTube videos are great. I am not Jewish, but we have many amazing likeness, as a Muslim we are also required to cover our hair and body. Like you I also have so many head covering, and it is amazing learning your way of covering as well, love your ideas, and have used and tied a Tichel Style covering in the house, especially I am not to show hair and constantly having answer the door to postman and like :) How great, don’t leave people are the door while trying to tie my scarf, will definitely coming back to learn more.
    Thank you Sis

    • Nazmin, thank you. It’s wonderful to know that we have so much in common. I featured a Muslim woman on this site a few months back (you can find her by clicking on the “lady wrap stars” tab and then clicking on “sarah”) and she is amazing! I am happy to build bridges through hair covering :)

  18. What a fabulous site!
    I’m Lana, and though I only cover my hair occasionally for sacred celebrations and festivals (I’m Druid, but I was raised with a mixture of Catholic, and Sephardic Jewish influence), I find it to be amazingly empowering, modest, and feminine, and would like to do so more often.

    You have some spectacular info on this site, and I’m looking forward to trawling through it more as well. :)

    Blessings to you.

  19. Thank you so much for all your work on this site! I’m a gentile believer in Yeshua, doing my best to keep the Torah. I don’t completely cover my hair, usually I just wear a simple bandana. But, right now I’m staying in Jerusalem for a month and I love the way the women here cover their hair. I love how it’s like a wedding ring, only more obvious. I’m loving seeing all the ways you’ve shared to cover your hair. I also really connected with your video explaining why, what you had to say was so profound! Blessings to you! Shabbat Shalom!
    Britney Williams

  20. I found your blog from a friend of mine who covers her hair… I’ve started covering my own hair on occasion, mostly when I’m cooking or cleaning. It helps me to get into a mindset in which whatever task I’m doing is sacred. I am starting to feel like I would like to cover my hair more often, for things other than just in my house. ^-^
    I also think that covering one’s hair is amazingly beautiful, and have found an appreciation I never expected for covered hair & also women who choose to cover their faces and/or bodies. This new-found appreciation I have for women who practice covering their hair/faces/bodies seems strange to most people who know me… It’s been interesting (to say the least!) explaining why I choose to cover my hair sometimes, when people ask. ^-^
    Long story short (too late…), I’m really happy my friend led me here, and I can’t wait to look around your site a bit more! Thank you for creating this space!

    • Thank you for writing! That’s so beautiful that you cover for cooking/cleaning because you find those actions sacred. More of us should learn from you! Very glad to have you on this site!

  21. A friend just referred me to your blog! Finally something to help inspire me to make my hair coverings even *more* unique and interesting – and something fun to wear. Can’t to trawl the rest of your blog and try my hand at some of your tutorials. Thank you so much for this :)

  22. I am so excited to find your blog! It is beautiful how you wholly embrace covering your head. I didn’t know that Jewish women covered their heads in public after they get married. I am interested in the history behind this, so I will be researching this for sure. I am writing a Christian book on the head covering, and I have found that it has deepened my relationship with God more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for creating this blog!

    • So glad that you are enjoying it! I have also found that it has deepened my relationship with my creator as well as my husband. Let us know when your book comes out! There are lots of women on here that will be interested in reading it.

  23. I’m Beth and I cover for Religious reasons. (Christianity) I have enjoyed your blog and watched many of your videos and am learning to be more creative with hair wrapping. I find it the most comfortable way to cover. I love that you can wrap your hair in such a way and not use pins and clips to get it to stay in place. I did not know how to do this before watching your videos. I also appreciate that the scarves you use are so easily found in most department and clothing stores. I am acquiring quite a collection. Thanks for all the great tutorials and tips.

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